Matthew Dunn Racing works with an excellent team of specialists in all areas to ensure the best possible chance is given for your horse to succeed.

His commitment to his horses also extends to his owners horses, and being a hands on trainer, means that Matthew always knows exactly where his horses are at, and therefore can give an accurate assessment to his owners on their horses progress.

Our owners receive weekly voice mail update, and fortnightly videos of their horses.

We provide photos at the beach, videos jumping, videos working on the track, pictures post-race and progress walk up video.

Matthew does a pre-race and post-race voice mail on his view and opinion on your horses race.

Owners receive nomination alert, weights , fields , pre-race and post-race stories written on our website , which also has race replay’s recorded and sent out within 1 hour of racing.

Clients have a personal log in to our website.

Race days are always attended by either Matthew or Keira or our Foreman Toby McIntosh.

Our Office is staffed 5 days a week to answer any questions or queries you may have and are able to help assist our clients with any email malfunctions or account details etc.

Our website is updated daily by Rod Wheeler, who works closely with Matthew when doing updates, race replay’s, barrier trials, industry news and interesting Stable stories.

Our Track work riders are second to none. They each have outstanding knowledge in knowing pace work times to understanding yearlings who need educating or going through the barriers for the first time.

We have approx. 15-20 ground staff. They are efficient, reliable and most importantly love working with horses. We treat our horses as if they were our own, and we believe the love and compassion shown by our ground staff either at the races or working at home, plays a massive part in our stables success.

We are lucky enough to have the beach only 20 mins away, and our trucks both take a load of horse each over to the beach every week. Some horses will physical beach work, whilst others relax with a walk through the water. Matthew believes it’s a great way to freshen up older horses, and it is a great natural treatment for their legs and hooves.

As owners we invite you to visit the Matthew Dunn Racing Stable and view your horse and our complex at any time between Monday to Saturday morning, before 9 am. Just give us a quick call at the office and we can book you in.

We can also make arrangements with you to view your horse whilst it is in work at the Tweed river Jockey Club, however, this must be arranged for a time that is suitable, before 8am . Not only will you be able to view your horse working, you will also be able to view the amazing mountain backdrop to our racecourse, it is sensational! Followed by morning tea at the Village of Tumbulgum, which is situated on the beautiful Tweed River, and is located approx. 10 mins north of us. OR of course a Sunday morning before 9am is also fine, strictly by appointment only.

We have a fantastic Christmas party every year, for both owners and staff, to come together and enjoy what has been a wonderful year of racing together, and to celebrate what will hopefully be a very successful year ahead.